Revised, Reworked, and Reenergized Website!

            After a hiatus from blogging for a few months, it’s time to return with a newly revised, reworked, and reenergized website.  Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably had a chance to take a look around the site, and if not, I hope you take the opportunity.  This revised website is relatively simple, but as complete as it needs to be at the present time.  Thanks go to Linda Lee of AskMePc-WebDesign for her expertise and assistance in getting us up and running!

            My apologies, however, go out to those readers that had previously been kind enough to peruse these blog posts on a regular basis before the break.  A few months ago it simply became imperative to concentrate fully on the completion, edits, and revisions of my latest book, a memoir entitled BEHIND THE GATES WITH THE RICH AND HAPPY 1%.

            So even though not blogging during that time, it was time well spent while recalling the remarkable years working with the rich and happy 1%, behind the gates of a World Class Resort in Hawaii.  The book takes a somewhat satirical look at the social behaviors of the 1% and their interactions as equals when gathered behind the gates, as well as the course we are seemingly on as a species with the interests of a plutocratic elite commandeering the helm.

            To get a notion of some ideas contained in this new memoir about the 1%, please feel free to click on the Internet audio interview on Blog Talk Radio with Cynthia Pooler.  It can be found on any page of this website in the middle of the right hand column.

            As I leap back more fully into blogging mode, it can easily be anticipated that many future subjects will naturally be reflective of current events as we all swing fully into the intensity of an American presidential election year.

            Be that as it may, I still retain an interest in dementia related issues that were raised in my first book, a novel called THE COMING TSUNAMI.  This year’s presidential race will come and go, yet with a baby boom population growing more elderly with each passing year, an unprecedented medical, financial, and personal crisis relating to dementia is racing towards us all that will inevitably have to be confronted.

            But again, most pieces forthcoming will likely focus on current events leading up to the U.S. November elections. This and other issues and problems on the road ahead will be examined, if we are to turn the tide on what seems a societal rush to deplete diminishing resources and wreak environmental disaster, all within a frantic cycle of overconsumption and waste.

            I could go on . . . and indeed I will!  Yet for now, welcome back to those that were kind enough to visit and read previously, and a welcome as well to those now just jumping on for the ride.