It’s Not Just a “War on Women.” It’s Worse.

            I bumped into a friend I’ll call Kim four or five days ago on my way to the chairlift for some afternoon skiing.  She was on her snowboard and riding single for a few hours before her evening shift at a local restaurant.  It was a beautiful day and we decided to take a few runs together.
            In her mid-twenties, Kim graduated a couple years ago with a science degree from a university in Kentucky.  Currently, she’s enjoying the ski town life for a while before grad school becomes a reality.
            Riding to the top of the mountain on the chairlift, we spoke conversationally as always.  She knew I had a daughter close to her age that had been living in Europe for some time, and Kim kindly asked after her.  I responded, saying my daughter was doing well and mentioned a few of her latest exploits, but also added that she was astounded by the “War on Women” that Republicans back in America seemed so hell-bent on waging.
            To this, Kim shook her head and rolled her eyes behind her goggles.  She admitted she had little tolerance for the news at this point in time, and simply couldn’t believe the extreme statements coming from the right.  We didn’t really touch on any of the issues, nor did we need to.  Yet minutes before we got off the lift to enjoy skiing/boarding down the mountain, Kim off-handedly made a statement that’s been churning in my mind for the last several days.
            “It’s not just a “War on Women,” she noted, “it’s a war on all of us, a war against everything that’s progressive and sensible.”
            After ruminating on her statement for a few days, I couldn’t agree more.  Whether it is denying a woman’s right to contraception, mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds, or redefinitions of when life begins or what constitutes rape – it’s actually all boils down to a War on Higher Consciousness.  It’s a war against much needed and inevitable cultural transformation and, without question, women are the focal point.
            But why is this the case?  Why do we seem to be going backward in time?  What is behind the onslaught of legal attempts to deprive women of choices regarding their own bodies and their own reproductive related decisions?  Why is there even such a thing as a Blunt Amendment or an obsessive drive to de-fund Planned Parenthood where millions of women receive basic health care – not just abortions?  What is behind the insanity that makes women the focal point in this war?
            It would too easy to explain away this war in terms of the brain-dead marching to the dictates of paternalistic and mind-manipulating religions.  That of course is part of what drives this “War on Women,” and yet might only fit into what is a bigger picture.
            In truth, it doesn’t take much imagination to view this “War on Women” as a consistent and even expected reaction coming from a cultural mental tradition thousands of years old that stresses male hierarchal dominance and control.  It is only in relatively recent history compared with the thousands of years preceding, that the shackles of wrathful male gods, the warrior culture, and institutions promoting oppression, privilege, and fear are being cast off – and traded for a new awareness.  That new awareness is viewed as a threat to those of male-dominant controlling elite mindset – and it should be – but naturally they misapprehend why and accordingly overreact most viciously.
            For millenniums women have been treated as subservient to the all-powerful male, and wives have been viewed as chattel to their husbands just as poor are servants of the rich.  The essential nature of the feminine has long been violently repressed, and as it now emerges, as women also rightfully demand and receive more freedom to take control of themselves, as a new awareness pervades many in society – the only answer for the cretins still entrenched and entranced by the male-dominant, conflict-oriented, elitist power-and-control, conquest-and-subjugation, kill-or-be-killed mentality, is to declare an all-out “War on Women.”
            It is truly a shame these dunderheads lack the mental enlightenment to perceive the most basic attributes of the feminine – basic attributes that revolve around generative powers and nurturing.  If they could comprehend the same, perhaps their eyes might open to the fact women are not attempting to conquer them like they conquered women, but are more interested in cooperation, partnership, and life-centered initiatives for the species and planet as a whole.
            Like my friend Kim implied as we rode up the chairlift together the other day, we’re all in this together – both male and female.  The importance of an egalitarian balance amongst the genders is essential if the necessary cultural transformation is to transpire, so as realistically confront long-range planetary sustainability issues such as peak oil, global eco-rape, and the consumer madness depleting planetary reserves.  A Higher Consciousness celebrating and promoting what the previously repressed nature of the feminine can contribute to the whole is essential; the repudiation of the right-wing, male-dominant culture’s “War on Women” is most immediate and imperative.
            Women are indeed the focal point, but it’s not just a “War on Women.”  It’s worse.  It’s an assault on all of us, women and men, seeking to escape the chains of a more primitive consciousness; it’s a war on all of us seeking a cultural transformation so as to leave a livable world for future generations of our species.
            There is no alternative: we must engage the warmongers by joining together – by heartily renouncing and repudiating the current “War on Women” – initiated by chauvinistic blockheads both unaware and unevolved!


  1. I didn’t know they had chairlifts in Saudi Arabia.

  2. People can wish for a return to the past all they want, but it rarely happens. The first example that springs to mind is Afghanistan under the Taliban – not what I personally would like to emulate.

    Old folks have been complaining about the present and wishing for a return to the past for all of human history. What matters to the future of the future is how much power those old folks wield to make their desires a reality.

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