Walking Away
From The King

by Mike Penney
Behind The Gates
With The 1%
by Mike Penney

The Coming Tsunami
by Mike Penney

The change necessary to save the human species and salvage the planet from impending ecological disaster cannot come from the powers that be, who only perpetuate their own ill-fated system.  There are some within Gaia/Universe that might yet survive the inevitable government conflagration, and possibly, successfully, – “walk away from the king.” Read More, click here.  In this (slightly) satirical memoir, a worker bee of the 99% finds himself employed amidst the elite rich and happy 1% for years at a World Class Resort in Hawaii.  Over time, he becomes convinced that by studious thought and meditation on the moneyed and magnificent 1% he can unravel their secrets, and it might be possible to become one of the de facto 1%  – without the money! Read More, click here.  “Like many offspring, Paul Giessen and Anna May Noble, are drawn back into decisions regarding their respective elderly parents in their later years. Long ago they were lovers and expected to wed but – inexplicably – split up instead. For over three decades thereafter only a deep and seething hatred for each other remains. Read More, click here.
Climate Wars
by Mike Penney
Climate Wars by Mike Penney
The fact that Climate Wars have commenced comes as little surprise in Cascadia – the bioregion containing British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and adjacent territory – since calls for revolution have been simmering for years in this realm fiercely identified with environmental stewardship, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.
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