Behind The Gates With The 1%
by Mike Penney


Behind the Gates with the 15

In this (slightly) satirical memoir, a worker bee of the 99% finds himself employed as a functionary at a World Class Resort in Hawaii, daily representing the Resort in interactions with the rich and happy 1% residents with their mega-mansions, their home owner associations, and their personal wishes and desires in relation to the Resort.

As time passes, it dawns on this common hive drone that a tremendous opportunity has befallen him in being permitted to tread in the shadows of the grand and glorious 1%.  He reasons that even if merely a worker bee of the 99%, that shouldn’t deter him from a higher enlightenment by means of his association with the 1% rich and happy.

Studying the social behaviors of the gathered 1% in their natural habitat of the World Class Resort, this common drudge worker bee calculates he might prosper as he learns from the uppermost upper crust, and then applies the knowledge garnered in interactions with other working stiffs of his own stripe.  He determines further that in observing and reflecting on how the 1% treat each other, as equals living behind the gates, there might more gems of wisdom to take outside the gates to make his life better, so as to more appropriately treat others.

Eventually, he realizes that although he obviously doesn’t have the money of the 1%, there was perhaps no reason he couldn’t become one of the de facto 1% – if he could unravel their secrets!

And so, with this personal Quest giving his life new meaning, a worker bee of the 99% passes for years among the rich and happy 1% in a World Class Resort, assimilating, appreciating, and ruminating on what was there for the taking.


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