Climate Wars by Mike PenneyThe fact that Climate Wars have commenced comes as little surprise in Cascadia – the bioregion containing British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and adjacent territory – since calls for revolution have been simmering for years in this realm fiercely identified with environmental stewardship, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.

Sapphire MacKenzie, a leader of the Free Cascadia movement, recognizes corporations are ravaging the environment with the collusion of governments and only drastic measures can stop such globally destructive action.  She advocates peaceful approaches to counter the dark forces before them, while Garfield “Garf” Taylor and his fellow fanatics calling themselves “Representatives of Future Generations,” assert violent overthrow of the status quo as the only acceptable solution.
Another party to the necessity for revolution in Cascadia, however, believes the methodology of violence is not radical enough.  This faction is led by Chris Soles, who is already pursued by Empire.  He espouses the rejection of the patriarchy through non-violence and, consequently, promises to thwart Garf Taylor at every turn.
If internal divisions within the Cascadian insurgency weren’t enough, with the governments, corporate operatives, officials and agent – Empire – tightening the noose, it remains to be seen where the individuals involved and the causes they embrace will shake out in the end.
“Full of topics that are particularly current (such as prominent people buying influence in government and a rising concern about the environment), the book presents a realistic plot.” – Kirkus Reviews

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